Saint Brigid Religious Education
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Religious Education Staff

We are blessed at St. Brigid Parish with many people who are willing and excited about sharing their faith with others. We have over 30 volunteers who give of their time to serve as CCD teachers and helpers in our Religious Education Program. Without them, we would not be able to complete our mission of spreading the Word of Christ. It is certainly an exciting testimony to the vibrant, active parish we are, when so many give so much!

This is our Religious Education staff for the 2016-2017 school year.


Reverend Joseph P. Crowley

Fr. Crowley was ordained by Archbishop Henry Mansell on May 20, 2016.  He was with us 6 years ago for about a year.  He comes to us from parishes St. Joseph and St. Peter in New Britain. 

We are happy to have him back!

Parochial Vicar

Reverend M. David Dawson

Fr. Dawson was ordained by  Archbishop Leonard P. Blair on May 17, 2014. 

He grew up in Newark, Delaware and attended UCONN.  He was assigned to St. Brigid and St. Helena Churches in June 2014.  He would like to help people grow in love with Jesus and get to know Him better through a greater understanding of their faith. 

We are grateful to have him as part of our parish family. 

Religious Education Coordinator

Donna Wolcott 

Donna is our new CCD Coordinator.  She has been teaching 2nd and 3rd grade on Saturday mornings since 2000 and loves working with the children.



Wednesday Evening Office Assistant 










Saturday Morning Office Assistant

Noreen Bachteler

Noreen is our Saturday morning Office Assistant. 

She has been helping out in the office since 2006 and loves working with children.

Noreen also helps out by substituting when needed and decorates beautiful bulletin boards for CCD.

Agnerys Ortiz

Agnerys is teaching Kindergarten on Saturday mornings.  This is her first time teaching the little ones.


Sara Garofalo                                               

Sara is teaching 1st grade on Saturday mornings.  This is Sara's first year teaching in our program.        


Theresa Shea

Theresa is teaching 2nd grade First Penance & First Communion on Saturday mornings. She has been teaching since 2000.







Alison Goroshko

Alison is teaching 3rd grade on Saturday mornings.                                               





Kim O'Connell

Kim is teaching 4th grade  on Saturday mornings.  She has been teaching since 2010.



Katherine Day

Katherine is teaching 5th grade on Saturday mornings. This is Katherine's first year teaching   in our program.

Mary DiPaolo

Mary is teaching 5th grade on Wednesday evenings. 

Anita Gomes

Anita is teaching 6th grade on Saturday mornings. She has been teaching in our program since 1993.




Rick Metcalfe

Rick is teaching 6th grade on Wednesday evenings. He has been teaching since 2004.




Roger Levesque

Roger is teaching 7th grade on Wednesday evenings. This is Roger's second year teaching in our parish but he taught many years at other parishes. 



Lynn Ryan

Lynn is teaching 8th grade on Saturday mornings. She is also our Confirmation teacher for 9th and 10th grades.  Lynn has been teaching since 2001.


Patty Marfia

Patty is helping out in Lynnís class on Saturday mornings.  She has been helping as an assistant since 1994.




Lynn Ryan

Lynn is teaching Confirmation for 9th and 10th grades.

She is also teaching 8th grade on Saturday  mornings. Lynn has been teaching since 2001.




Kim Gubermen ~ Linda Sierra ~ Carol LaPlante

Noreen Bachteler



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