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St. Philip ~ Apostle

Feast day: May 3

Like the brothers, Peter and Andrew, Philip was a native of Bethsaida on Lake Genesareth.  He also was among those surrounding the Baptist when the latter first pointed out Jesus as the Lamb of God. On the day after Peter's call, when about to set out for Galilee, Jesus met Philip and called him to the Apostolate with the words, "Follow me". Philip obeyed the call, and a little later brought Nathaniel as a new disciple. On the occasion of the selection and sending out of the twelve, Philip is included among the Apostles proper. His name stands in the fifth place in the three lists after the two pairs of brothers, Peter and Andrew, James and John. He was at that time a married man, and had several daughters, but that didn't stop him from meditating continually on the law and the prophets.

He is mentioned as one of the Apostles in the lists of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and in Acts. Aside from the lists, he is mentioned only in John in the New Testament. The Fourth Gospel records three episodes concerning Philip which occurred during the epoch of the public teaching of the Savior:  1) Before the miraculous feeding of the multitude, 2)When some heathens in Jerusalem came to Philip and expressed their desire to see Jesus, and 3) When Philip, after Christ had spoken to His Apostles of knowing and seeing the Father. These Gospels show a consistent character-sketch of Philip as a na´ve, somewhat shy, sober-minded man. No additional characteristics are given in the Gospels or the Acts, although he is mentioned in the latter work as belonging to the Apostolic College.

No further mention of Philip is made in the New Testament beyond his listing among the Apostles awaiting the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room. According to tradition he preached in Greece and was crucified upside down at Hierapolis under Emperor Domitian.

Philip is buried in Hieropolis with his two daughters, who grew old as virgins ", and a third daughter, who "led a life in the Holy Ghost and rests in Ephesus. The Acts does mention four prophetesses, the daughters of Philip, as then living in Caesarea with their father.

The remains of the Philip who was interred in Hieropolis were later translated (as those of the Apostle ) to Constantinople and thence to the church of the Dodici Apostoli in Rome. The feast of the Apostle is celebrated in the Roman Church on 1 May

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