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St. Isaac Jogues

Feast day: October 19

Isaac was born January 10, 1607 at Orleans, France. He joined the Jesuits at Rouen, France in 1624. He became a priest and taught literature.

He was a missionary to New France (Canada) in 1636, starting in Quebec and working among the Hurons and retuned in the area of the Great Lakes. This was a rough assignment, not only were the living conditions hard, but the locals blamed the “Blackrobes” for any disease, ill luck, or other problems that occurred where they were.

He was captured on 3 August 1642 by the Mohawks, enslaved, tortured and mutilated for thirteen months. While there he taught the Faith to any who would listen. With the help of local Dutch settlers he finally escaped and was sent back to France to recover.

In 1644 he returned to Canada to continue his work with the natives and negotiate peace with the Iroquois. He was martyred, tomahawked in the head by an Iroquois chief on October 18, 1646 at Ossernenon in what would become upstate New York, USA.  He was with fellow Jesuit priest Saint John de Brebeuf and several lay missionaries when the natives blamed Christian sorcery for an epidemic and crop failure. His head was displayed on a pole and his body thrown in to the Mohawk River. He is One of the North American Martyrs.

He was Beatified on June 21, 1925 by Pope Pius XI and Canonized on June 29, 1930 by Pope Pius XI.

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