Saint Brigid Religious Education
100 Mayflower Street
West Hartford, CT 06110

Mission Statement and Curriculum

The mission of the St. Brigid Religious Education Program is to aid and support parents as the primary religious educators of their children. We strive to help the students journey towards a deeper understanding of our Catholic religious beliefs and traditions.

First, we are committed to you, our parents and guardians, by doing what we can to aid, supplement and reinforce the teaching you are doing at home.

Secondly, we are committed to our students and the desire to enrich their faith journey by sharing through personal witness our time, faith and talents. We strive to bring to the children an awareness of God's love for them, a more complete and in depth understanding of the beliefs and traditions of our Catholic faith, and our shared responsibility to live out these Christian beliefs in service to others.

While the instruction and formation we provide are the building blocks of a growing faith life, the foundation is laid and reinforced by you within the family structure. Full participation in parish life, including regular Mass attendance, allows the children the opportunity to feel part of the parish family. It gives meaning and value to all they are learning about God, Jesus, and their Catholic faith. Religious Education is an on-going program. Each year becomes a base for the next.

Together let us form a supportive and nourishing partnership to help our children most fully realize their faith potential, with the help of Jesus, the first catechist, and the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

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