Saint Brigid Religious Education
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We use Our Sunday Visitor - Alive In Christ text books.  Each child receives his or her own book. 

Fourth grade students should demonstrate at the end of this grade level the following understandings:

  • The Ten Commandments are part of the covenant or promise between God and His people in the Old Testament and are a guide in our actions in daily life.

  • The four marks of the Church, One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.

  • The spiritual and corporal works of mercy teach us to care about the needs of all people and to have love for the poor and disadvantaged.

  • The eight beatitudes are teachings of Jesus that show us how we can be truly happy and share happiness with others.

  • The precepts of the Church are seven Church laws that guide our practice of holy days and fast days, receiving sacraments, studying Church teaching, and helping in missionary work.

  • Sin and evil exist in our world as a result of original sin and its consequences.

  • Mortal sin is a total break in our relationship with God and the Church and Venial sin is a less serious offense but one which weakens our relationship with God.

  • The sacrament of penance is an important sacramental way to express sorrow and experience God's forgiveness and we need to go to confession regularly.

  • Mary is an excellent model of how to be a faithful follower of Jesus; she is the model disciple in Christ's Church.

  • Reinforce The Lordís Prayer, Hail Mary, The Sign Of the Cross, and Glory Be and learn the Apostles Creed and how to say the Rosary.


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