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Stations of The Cross

Ninth Station: Jesus falls for the third time

The other two prisoners have arrived. The crowd has gotten even larger by now. Jesus pushes on, breathless, speechless, pushed now and then by the soldiers.

The screams of the other two could be heard as the make their way up the hill..

His waning strength now almost depleted, Jesus slumps under the cross and falls for the third and the final time at the foot of Calvary or Golgotha as the mound was called. 

Both words signify "skull-like" or "place of the skulls". Calvary is the Greek word and Golgotha the Hebrew.

The skulls and bone strewn about are those of victims of earlier crucifixions, left to putrefy among the other garbage dumped there.

Jesus is completely overcome by physical weakness.  The soldiers and the crowd laugh at Him and mock Him. He rises, steadies Himself and walks the last few yards to His destination - Golgotha, The Place of The skull.

Now we see Jesus make a superhuman effort to gather the strength for the remaining thirty paces of the climb to the top.


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