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Stations of The Cross

Seventh Station: Jesus falls for the second time

As Veronica is separated from Him, Jesus feels again the searing pain, the solitude, the humiliation. He prays quietly to the Father and struggles to move on.

He tries to numb himself to just keep moving, to avoid more lashes from the soldiers or mocking cheers from the crowds, to avoid the pebbles on the roadway that were biting into His feet.

His body is covered with bruises and he is blood stained from head to foot.  Not able to continue under the weight of the heavy wooden cross, Overwhelmed by the pain, Jesus falls again to the ground.

The soldiers move toward him immediately.  They pull him up  The cruel executioners do not permit Him to rest a moment. With thrusts and blows they urge Him onward. He struggles to His feet and taking a deep breath, He moves on.

With cruelty Jesus in treated and trampled under foot! .

We fall daily. We despair, complain and ask, "Why?" Somehow we feel we ought to be able to rest contentedly and confidently on past achievements and then suddenly down we fall!


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