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Stations of The Cross

Sixth Station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

This story is not in the Bible. Jesus is carrying the cross up the hill of Calvary to His death. A woman named Veronica walks up to Jesus and wipes His face with her veil.

With not even a glance toward the soldiers or consideration of her own safety, she sought to alleviate His suffering by gently wiping His face. Veronica wipes the blood and sweat from the face of Jesus.

She is very courageous and kind. She listens with her heart - as she cares for Jesus. She is showing us her love for Him, even during this terrible time. Jesus left her a gift, an imprint of His holy face on her veil. This gift is another reminder of His unending love for all.

This single gesture of love and concern meant so much to Jesus, and to Veronica whose veil then miraculously bore a representation of the face of Jesus (Veronica means ‘true image’).

Jesus felt the comfort of the cloth and opened His eyes, able to see her without the blood and sweat trickling down His face. She wanted to reach out and hug Him but the soldiers roughly pushed her back and they continued along their way.

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