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Apparitions of Mary

A Marian apparition is an event in which the Virgin Mary is believed to have supernaturally appeared to one or more persons regardless of their religious faith.

Why does Mary appear? Mary is the faithful servant, the hand maiden of the Lord. Everything she is, everything she did, everything she does is centered around the will of God. Why then would legitimate apparitions of Mary be any different? Christ gave Mary - his mother - to all of us while he was on the cross. Upon that act of Christ, Mary was given a new responsibility as a mother. She became the adoptive parent to all of us.

Upon mandate of GOD himself, Mary becomes responsible for helping us understand and live God's will. Since her son Jesus Christ is GOD, her mission is now to help all of us become closer to her son. In doing so, she helps guide us, keeps us on course, teaches us the way her Son taught her and the original apostles. And being a mother, she is worried about us... each and every one of us... including you. She worries for our souls, She worries for our lives and our families, she worries that we will run away from God. And being a loving mother, she is tireless in protecting us from harm and evil... and most importantly, praying to GOD the almighty for us.

What good son would not do what his mother asks of him?  That's why we pray to Mary for help. When we might not be worthy of God's favor because of our own weaknesses and sins, Mary intercedes and petitions her Son for us as well.  She is an advocate for us. She is not a God, she never claimed to be a God, she is simply the Mother of Christ and thus the Queen of Heaven.

Our Lady of Lourdes  ~  Our Lady of La Salette  ~  Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of China  ~  Our Lady of All Nations and Akita  ~  Our Lady of Zeitoun, Egypt

Our Lady of Guadalupe, " Patroness of the Americas "  ~  Our Lady of Pontmain

Our Lady of Paris and The Miraculous Medal  ~  Our Lady of Pellevoisin

Our Lady of Beauraing  ~  Our Lady of Banneux  ~  Our Lady of Syracuse

Our Lady of Rome  ~  Our Lady of Knock

As of 03/01/2009 The following apparitions are still not approved apparitions of the Church - Everything Seen, Said and Done should be discerned with the Holy Spirit's guidance.

The Virgin of the Revelation  ~  Medjugorje, Queen of PeaceOur Lady of Garabandal

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